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Detecting Faults and General Maintenance

We Treat The Issue Of Electrical Safety In Your Home Or Business Very Seriously.

Many types of electrical faults occur for a number of reasons. For example, if there are a large number of electrical appliances all plugged in at the same time. This could cause an overload on the circuit. If this happens on a fairly regular basis, it’s best to call in a professional electrician to find where the fault is originating from. Our qualified electricians are expert at finding faults swiftly and fixing any problem you may have. We make sure your home or business is an electrical safe environment for you to be in.

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Examples of common electrical faults:

  • Tripping of circuit breakers.
  • A ceiling light that won’t work when you put the bulb in.
  • Smelling burning.
  • Fuses on consumer units blowing.
  • Some lights & switches working and others not.
  • No electrical power.

Don’t forget that electricity can be very dangerous and harmful. Ignoring what might appear to be a small problem, could grow to be a big problem. Let us ensure your electrical safety, by carrying out a general fault finding detection. Our rates are very competitive and, all of our staff are fully trained, qualified electricians.

We will test sockets, plugs, light connections and your appliances to check for damage. If we determine no damage in those areas, we will then check your circuits to determine the location of any faults and fix them swiftly! Established now for 24 years, AJB is one of the top premier electrical service providers in London and the South East. We will take care of all your faults and general maintenance.

Electrical Inspection and Testing Service - Making Sure Your Home or Business Is Safe.

Your home or business is important to us! When we send one of our qualified electricians to carry out inspection and testing. We make sure they are fully up to date with the latest British Standards legislation (BS 7671). We perform Periodic Inspection and Testing, checking the age and deterioration of your current electrical installations, accessories and fixed appliances connected to the wiring of your home or business.

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Our Inspecting and Testing Service Also Covers:

  • Ageing, wear and tear of installations.
  • Corrosive wiring.
  • General Damage.
  • General faults or defects.
  • Overloaded electrical circuits.
  • Periodic testing - Testing for deterioration and electrical safety.
  • PAT - Portable Appliance Testing.
  • Fire alarm testing.
  • Lighting and sockets.

On completion of all inspection and testing work carried out. You will receive a full report outlining any faults, defects, immediate and long term safety issues. This can include dangerous wiring, connections and circuits to your electrical installations. It will also include recommendations for bringing your home or business up to the regulated electrical safety standards. On completion of all work, you will be given a Certificate which complies with British Standards 7671. All our work is carried out by fully trained, qualified electricians and is 100% guaranteed.

Our Installations Include All and Any Kinds of Electrical Installations

Your electrical installations are very important, and are the main core of electrical connections to your home or business. Supplying, power, heat, and light. Every socket, mains outlet and appliance is connected to your electrical installation. Therefore, it is important to keep your main wiring up to date and serviceable. Ensuring good electrical safety. Examples are sockets, lighting, electrical heating, water heaters cooker connections and more.

When our work involves the rewiring of your home or business, we make sure that it is of the highest standards. Carried out by fully trained, qualified electricians, and complies with BS 7671 and NICEIC standards.

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From Minor Repairs to Complete Rewiring - Our Installations cover:

  • Rewires - replacing faulty or damaged wiring.
  • Additional sockets.
  • Connecting cookers and kitchen appliances.
  • Wall lights.
  • Recess lighting.
  • Track lighting.
  • Low voltage lighting.
  • Dimmer switches.
  • Outdoor security lighting.
  • Ceiling fan lights.
  • Garden lights and power.
  • Smoke detectors and Fire alarm equipment.

Whatever your electrical installation needs are, AJB Electrical Ltd will be happy to provide high quality work from highly trained, qualified electricians. Enjoy our competitive rates, while we provide you with safe installations of all kinds.

Have The Rewiring Of Your Premises Done By NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors.

The rewiring of your home and or business is a very important job for us. We make sure that ALL rewires are of extremely high standards and in line with NICEIC and BS 7671 Regulations. Our qualified staff are experienced in complete rewires. Covering domestic, retail, commercial and industrial properties. We have been working in the field of Professional Electrical Services for more than 24 years.

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Some Rewiring Work We Can Do For You:

  • Rewires - replacing faulty or damaged wiring
  • Replace old fuse wires
  • Main electrical earth bonding
  • Supplementary earth bonding
  • Replace old consumer units
  • Provide all new wiring
  • Individual lighting circuits
  • Kitchen circuits
  • Additional sockets
  • Exterior lighting and power

Your home or business rewires will be carried out by our fully trained, qualified electricians. Who continue to provide electrical services to the highest order. All of our work is 100% guaranteed and supported by a certificated on completion

Keeping You Up To Date With The Latest Sockets And Lighting.

SOCKETS - Some of what we cover:

  • Restore power to socket outlets.
  • Covert single sockets into double sockets.
  • Installing Additional Sockets.
  • Replace old sockets with new updated sockets.
  • Test RCDs (Residual Current Device) where necessary.
  • Install weather proof garden sockets.

With domestic households, AJB Electrical Ltd would recommend a minimum 3 double sockets in each room. This should accommodate the modern home, and will allow for a number of appliances such as Pcs, TVs, bedside lamps, HiFi Units, Games Consol etc.

For businesses we would recommend the appropriate number of sockets in relation to your floor space, and in relation to the equipment you use in your office, shop or factory. All installations will be carried out to NICEIC standards and BS 7671 by one of our fully trained qualified electricians.

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LIGHTING - Some of what we cover:

  • Restore power to lighting.
  • Change existing lighting to new fixtures.
  • Install new wall lights.
  • Install recess lighting.
  • Install track lighting.
  • Install low voltage lighting.
  • Install Dimmer switches.
  • Install outdoor security lighting.
  • Install ceiling fan lights.

AJB Electrical Ltd is committed to meeting all your electrical needs and making your living or working surroundings safe from harm. If you need quick, accurate electrical work at competitive rates, Our qualified staff will be happy to visit you. We have been providing electrical services in London and the South for more than 24 years.

Happy Customers


“AJB Electrical Ltd provided me with a new fuse box. Made sure my flat was earth bonded and installed additional wall sockets. I was very happy with the work, the time it took & the cost!” SR, Brockley SE4


“AJB Electrical Ltd provided me with a new fuse box. Made sure my flat was earth bonded and installed additional wall sockets. I was very happy with the work, the time it took & the cost!” SR, Brockley SE4

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